Use the off season to get ahead

Use the off season to get ahead

The off season period is one of the greatest moments of the year to train and improve to get ready for the following season. We think that every time you get on the pitch to work on your game and skills you’re making yourself a better player.

But this improvement is not only useful in the pitch. Having the commitment and discipline to keep training even when the league is not on, it gives you an advantage over other players that only play when they have games or when they have the motivation to do it. The consistency is the key and that’s why we don’t stop in the summer, giving you summer camps to keep training and improving.

Because the reality is that what we don’t practice, we forget it slowly. It’s a normal process because when we master some skills, our brain can send the information really quickly to make the movement and the coordination is as quick as the nervous system can.

But when we don’t practice the movement anymore, the muscle memory can replicate it again, but the speed of these connections it starts to get slower and slower. We all know how to cycle, but probably after a few years without doing it, we would miss a bit of agility if we try it again. With the football skills happens the same.

With the programs back on September, the summer camps are a very good option to keep working on the skills, performing as much as possible in every session and making sure we can make an impact from the very beginning of the next season.

We’ll be working on the players’ technical ability with intensity and professionality to give the best experience to our XVAcademy players.


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