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Barcelona, Spain

4th - 9th August

Get the dream football focused week for your child and have a relaxing break for you and the rest of your family on the Costa Brava. 

Methodology of the camp

We put the player in the centre of everything, and that’s why we will work on technical and individual tactical concepts under pressure, being competitive to bring this situation as close as possible to the situations they are going to experience in the games. With this exposure to real feelings of pressure, the players can develop really significant learning using actions in the games that have been successful in the same situations in the training.


At XVAcademy, we prioritize holistic player development beyond just on-field skills. We instill values like healthy eating and teamwork, fostering character and integrity. Our players learn to appreciate nature and contribute to environmental efforts. We empower them to excel in sport and lead fulfilling lives through comprehensive education and support.

What is included in the Camp:

El Collell Campus, Barcelona, Spain

El Collell, Barcelona is a best in class, world renowned sports campus. The main objective of the sports campus is to train players, who wish to seek improvement in all aspects of the game, technical and tactical, both at individual and collective level and, at the same time, to promote values ​​such as effort, cooperation and fair play.

The stay at the Casa de Colònies El Collell allows the sports campus to offer your sons and daughters the possibility to make new friendships, learn values ​​through leisure and perform, amidst laughter, a lot of adventure activities: laser tag, climbing wall, adventure camp, quad bikes, horse riding… and much much more.