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Mistakes are a fundamental part of the learning Process

Football is constantly evolving and the ways to train evolve with it at the same time. One of the most important things to accept as a coach is that we can’t stop learning at any stage, because every day there are different ways to do the things that can improve the experience of the players.

The way that you coach is called your methodology. Every coach has his own methodology, based on the knowledge he has plus the experience and his personality. The different situations I’ve experienced before, the players I’ve coached and all the knowledge and experience I’ve got from the fantastic coaches that have surrounded me throughout the years made me the coach I am with the methodology I use.

To create my own methodology I’ve been taking the ideas I liked and using them together until creating a whole development plan for teams and players. Putting the focus on the players, on the individual development, the XVA methodology is based on the repetition to master the concepts and get confidence and the bravery to make mistakes and try it again.

One of the pillars of the XVAcademy is the acceptance of the mistakes, knowing that they are a fundamental part of the learning process.

If one player doesn’t make any mistake it’s because he is in his comfort zone. We need to push the players out of their comfort zones to make this zone bigger. With the players making mistakes, and learning from them, they can expand their comfort zone to, in the future, be able to compete at their highest level.

In conclusion, the mistakes are the biggest learning indicator and as a coach I have to help the players to learn from it, designing drills to practice the execution and giving them the best information to perceive and decide better every time. In the XVA Methodology, we don’t try to avoid the mistakes, we try to master the concepts to make mistakes in more difficult things.

That’s why we work on technical and individual tactical concepts under pressure, being competitive to bring this situation as close as possible to the situations they are going to experience in the games. With this exposure to real feelings of pressure, the players can develop really significant learning using actions in the games that have been successful in the same situations in the training.

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