Spring 2023 Membership Test – Do Not Use


Spring 2023 Membership
Pay Upfront Option – 1 x €320
Your child will receive:
– 1h exposed to a high performance environment, professional sessions and individual coaching
– Sessions take place on Sundays between 2.30-6.30pm at the Westside Astro Pitches
– Course takes pace every Sunday : Sun 5th Feb – Sun 28th May (inc)
**You will receive an email before February 1st with the details as to your child’s timeslot

Be a member of the XVAcademy

Our sessions are aimed at all the players who feel that they need more sessions or they want to do extra sessions because they love football. The training groups are small (6-10 players) to be able to give as much information as possible to the players every session, at the same time that the players can do as many actions as possible to improve their skills.

Being a XVAcademy member give you the possibility to develop your football skills in a professional environment, with one training per week. The members have also access to the XVA clinics, tournaments, trips and other activities organized by XVAcademy. Don’t lose it out!


About XVAcademy
XVAcademy was born to give more hours of football to the players in a controlled environment and professional coaches. The player’s development is based on the amount of hours invested practicing football and, unfortunately, because of the weather, pitches, number of teams/players… most of the times the hours training are not enough to keep the players happy and make sure they reach their best level.

What XVAcademy is looking for is go a bit further and give a unique service to the players, investing a lot of resources to make sure they live the best experience possible and the best coaching for every individual player every time they get the pitch to start a session. At the football level but also in terms of equipment and technology, the XVAcademy want the playing experiencing something totally different, feeling  him/herself as a professional player every training session.

The method is based on a constant innovation, researching new methodologies to improve the one we are using and the need to give a better experience to the players every session. This is the commitment we have with all our members. The only thing we ask to our players is the same passion for football we have and show this passion in every play in the sessions. The rest is our job.