2023 Summer Camps – June 5-8th – Non Exam Years


2023 Summer Camp – Westside Astro

Secondary Students – Non Exam Years
June 5-8th
9:30am – 12:30pm

– 3hrs exposed to a high performance environment per day, professional sessions and individual coaching
– Sessions take place at the Westside Astro Pitches – https://goo.gl/maps/g5fdH18ZQfLhyBqp8

GPS Tracker 

  • You can choose to purchase this camp with or without the use of the GPS tracker
  • Use of the GPS equipment in each XVAcademy summer camp session
  • Record the data of the session
  • Report in pdf format after the camp
  • Cost is €5 per 4 day camp

Be a member of the XVAcademy

Our sessions are aimed at all the players who feel that they need more sessions or they want to do extra sessions because they love football. The training groups are small (6-10 players per coach) to be able to give as much information as possible to the players every session, at the same time that the players can do as many actions as possible to improve their skills.

Being a XVAcademy member give you the possibility to develop your football skills in a professional environment, with one training per week. The members have also access to the XVA clinics, tournaments, trips and other activities organized by XVAcademy. Don’t lose it out!

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