GPS Tracker - For Talent Evolution

At XVAcademy, we believe in using the best sports technology to follow the evolution of player’s performance over time and injury prevention metrics, make it essential for young players to develop in the best way in football. With this technology, we can track a range of player’s metrics.:

  • Athletic Metrics: Activity time, distance covered, top speed, sprints, accelerations and decelerations, jogging and walking distance.
  • Football Metrics: Heatmap and interactions with the ball (ball kicks, kick power and distance dribbling) that can be measured thanks to the placement of the device on the leg.
  • Health Metrics: External and internal load, to measure the risk of injury and insights that prevent injuries up to 45% per season.

With this data, it enables us to give the players the best possible advice and training to ensure they progress at a satisfactory rate.

We believe players need to have the tools they will use in the future – getting them used to using wearable GPS technology at an early age will prepare them for the future. In addition, GPS technology helps coaches to control loads and reduce injuries, which often ends up being the unexpected brake on the careers of many football players.

Technology and football have already become inseparable, and it will determine which clubs will make the difference in the future. There are plenty of examples of clubs that have already made a difference through innovation. Oliver works with some of the world’s biggest clubs and we want to give all XVAcademy players the best possible chance to succeed on the field.

The placement of the GPS tracker in the calf sleeve, unlike vests, allows foot-ball metrics to be measured and train more comfortably.

Within the OLIVER platform, our coaches can visualise the player’s evolution in each of the metrics and thus objectively know what has improved or needs to be worked on even more. We will be creating personalised reports for each player, which enables us to tailor specific training and programmes to each player.

Youth teams and academies all over the world use OLIVER. Some of them are: Real Madrid Campus, Sporting de Gijón, Racing de Santander, Belgrano de Córdoba, the renowned MIC Football, among others.

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